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First breakdown

Well, I thought this was going to be an easy first blog post with all the good feelings I had about having a hosted WP install. But instead I find myself lost in some autosave-version-backup-edit-dark-alley. First there’s the message that there is an autosave of this post that is more recent. But then following that link I can only seem to get to the original post without the changes. So now I’m thinkin’ I need to copy this whole damn paragraph to the clipboard before I try to actually save it. Gah!

Quotes from Yann Martel’s “Life of Pi”

My son gave me “Life of Pi” by Yann Martelfor Christmas. I found it an engaging novel. The pace of the story fits the story, and it’s filled with reflections on religion, living with animals, and learning from experience. Two quotes from different parts of the story stuck with me.This first one reminded me of my own education, both early and ongoing.

“It was my luck to have a few good teachers in my youth, men and women who came into my dark head and lit a match.”

This second one touched me because I am now living with a young dog and slowly coming to understand that it’s a different species and how easily my unconscious human behaviors can be frightening.

“What you don’t realize is that we are a strange and forbidding species to wild animals. We fill them with fear. They avoid us as much as possible. It took centuries to still the fear in some pliable animals — domestication it’s called — but most cannot get over their fear, and I doubt they ever will. When wild animals fight us, is is out of sheer desperation. They fight when they feel they have no other way out. It’s a very last resort.”

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Andrew Olmstead, R.I.P.

David Weinberger mentioned this last blog post by Andrew Olmstead, the first soldier killed in Iraq in 2008( Andrew was killed on January 3, 2008). Andrew kept a blog with the very droll title: 

Obsidian Wings
"This is the Voice of Moderation. I wouldn’t go so far as to say we’ve actually SEIZED the radio station . . . "

This blog post is one that he wrote and asked to be posted in the event of his death. Andrew Olmstead’s voice is powerful and worth reading … more than once.

LiveWriter usability (or user?) issue

It was really easy to get the blog post with the picture posted by selecting the "Publish" button on LiveWriter. Why didn’t I do that? Well because on the "Save Draft" menu there’s an item marked "Post Draft to Weblog" and I thought that this would, um, post the draft to the weblog. I.e., I read "Post Draft to Weblog" to mean "Publish". But all that "Post Draft …" does is move the blog post from the "Drafts" list to the "Recently Posted" list.

Hey, what do I know? I’m just trying to use this tool.

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